Wedding Photobooths

Your upcoming wedding should have numerous unforgettable moments. Some will come naturally. And some will happen because of what you choose to provide for them on your special day. One of the biggest trends in the wedding industry right now is to rent a photo booth for the reception. This is an amazing way to entertain your guests or should we say, have them entertain themselves. What a great feature. Just sit back for a minute and think about how it will be. All of your guests will be trying to get inside of the booth for some kind of wacky and memorable picture. Add to this the assortment of backdrops they will be able to choose from as well as the props, and you have provided a regular fun machine for everyone. Not to mention that while they are having a blast they will also be creating a keepsake in the form of a customized photo strip. A copy of the photo strip can also be used to create a memory book for you and your fiance. So, now that you know you need to photo booth at your reception, you are probably wondering how to make it happen. Well, that is why we are here. Take this guide with you wherever you go and let these words of wisdom lead you throughout the Richmond area and to the photo booth that you so richly deserve.

Looking for a photo booth can be easy in one respect and difficult in another. You want to make sure of one thing, you want and you deserve a high quality booth in every way. In order to make sure that happens, you need to take your time with your search. A source that you can really trust is to approach your friends, family and coworkers. Talk to them about any experiences they may have had with a photo booth. If they tell you that everything they experienced was top notch, get the name of the provider. Check with your wedding vendors and see what they might be able to tell you. Also, you absolutely must do a Google search for “photo booths in the Richmond area.” Check out the results page very carefully and pick out some candidates that you think are worth checking into. Once you have a pretty good list of vendors to talk to, contact each one and find out if they have a booth that would be available on the date of your wedding. If they say they do, it is time to interview them about what they might be able to provide for your big day.

When you setup the interview, make sure that it is at the providers location. The reason for this is that you want to be able to look at the physical booth that would be setup at your reception. You will be very disappointed if you show up at your reception only to see a piece of trash that is supposed to be your photo booth you paid good money for. Just because the picture you saw on their website shows a pristine booth does not mean that is the booth you will be getting. If the provider says that seeing a unit is out of the question, your next move should be to immediately walk out the door and proceed to your next candidate. The vendor should not only let you tour a booth but they should also operate one for you so you can see exactly what you are getting. While you are checking out the booth, you can talk about how much experience the company has in the photo booth business. How many events have they provided a booth to? Can they provide you with references? Remember, satisfied customers means you have a very good chance of becoming one as well. Do you like the quality of the prints? What about the size options? Will your guests receive more than one copy of a print? Is the booth easy to operate? Does the exterior of the booth look beat up or has it been well maintained? Make sure that the company is licensed and insured. Is there a backup plan if the booth stops working? How do they charge? What kind of package deals do they offer? Do they have multiple backdrops? Will there always be an attendant with the booth? Does that price include the prints? Once you have finished with all of your tours and interviews, you should be able to compare and make a choice.

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