Wedding Tanning

When you think of a wedding, you probably think of a bunch of people all dressed up looking at two people that are even more dressed up who are going through all of these activities because they love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. And you would be correct. But the key to the bride and groom looking absolutely amazing is having a healthy glow to their skin. The last thing that you want is for the bride and groom to clash really badly or for the bride to have her face completely whitewashed because of the shade of her wedding gown. A major factor in making sure none of this happens is for the bride and groom to start a regimen at a quality tanning salon in the weeks leading up to the wedding. But, of course, you want to make sure that you do it safely. For all of these things, you need to start looking around the Richmond area for professional tanning salons that you would consider top notch candidates to service your needs. This guide was developed to help you in your investigation and in your eventual choice of the perfect tanning salon for you. So, heed these words, they will serve you well.

Alright, let's find some candidates for you. And try to have as much fun with the search as you possibly can considering the fact that you are going to look radiant and the outcome is for a very good cause. The people that you see everyday or at least quite often is a great place to start. Talk to your family, friends and coworkers about tanning salons they have used. If someone you know can give a great thumbs up to a salon, add the name to the list that you are creating. You also must try and harness the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “tanning salons in the Richmond area.” Start clicking on all of the links that you get back and if any of the salons strike you as a place you would like to check out, add their name to your list. What about your wedding vendors that you have already hired? Check with each one and they might have a recommendation. When you have completed your list, it will be time to visit each salon so you can conduct an interview and take a tour of the salon.

Take your time at each salon visit. Talk to the staff at each facility about how tanning beds work. This is very important because you want to gauge their level of knowledge. How safe is it in their estimation? You need to get the sense that the staff knows what they are doing. Talk about where you want to be by the time of your wedding. Based on this find out the tanning plan they would put you on in order to achieve this. Is their equipment well maintained. The right lotions can make a huge difference. Ask each salon what type of lotion they recommend. Research the name of the lotion to find out if it is considered professional grade. It should be. If it is not, move onto the next salon on your list. What about moisturizing. This is a necessary part of the plan. Any consultant you talk to should recommend moisturizing before and after each tanning session to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. What do they recommend that you wear during your tanning sessions. Show the consultant a picture of your wedding gown and ask for suggestions based on that as well. Of course, you need to know how much this is all going to cost you. Do they offer package plans? Last but not least you need to compare each salon you visited and make a final decision based on the research you have done.

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