Wedding Valet Parking

There are many important steps in planning a wedding. We realize that some rise to a greater level of importance than others, but all facets of your wedding have some measure of importance. To put it another way, if you did not have flower arrangements at your ceremony and reception, it would be highly noticeable. And the same goes for hiring a valet parking service. Many people make the mistake of overlooking this kind of hire. We urge you not to be one of them. Think about how special your guests will feel. Here they have come to your wedding all dressed up and they are greeted by a professional valet who treats them like a king and queen. Everything will run extremely smoothly, no one will have to walk in from a great distance and in case their is inclement weather, your guests will be covered because a professional valet knows how to keep your guests completely dry as they efficiently usher them into your venue. And at the end of the day, everyone's vehicle will be returned to them in great shape. This kind of service is a symbol of elegance and it says to your guests that you care about them and you appreciate them supporting you on your big day. The Richmond area has a number of valet services to check into. This guide was put together to help you find the quality ones and to target the one that will serve you and your guests the best.

So, let's find some quality candidates for you. One excellent source of information are the people you are around on a regular basis. Start talking to your family, friends and coworkers about any valet services they have experienced. If they speak highly of one, jot down the name. Don't forget about tapping into the tremendous power of the world wide web. In other words, do a Google search for “valet services in the Richmond area.” Another great source that you will want to check out are your wedding vendors that you already already have a relationship with. They should know of a few reputable services that you should check out. Start looking through the list of candidates that you have put together and call each one up to see if they have the date of your wedding available. If they do, it will be time to sit down with them and have a chat.

Talk about their experience in the valet business. Do they have a proven track record of service and can they provide you with references from satisfied customers? How much do they charge? What is the cost based on? Some valet companies charge per hour while others will charge you an amount per attendant. What kind of training do they put their valets through? Are they insured and licensed? How much will it cost to add an extra attendant? Bring pictures to your meeting that show the parking lot. Get their opinion as to what they think would be the best setup for the valet service. Make sure that they understand how long they will be needed. What if there is inclement weather? For instance, if it rains, will the valets be prepared with umbrellas? Your guests will appreciate not getting soaked. Once you feel comfortable with a specific vendor, it will be time to ask for a written contract that states everything they will do for you and what the cost will be.

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